“Make an attitude to be in gratitude, you will find the whole universe will come to you.”
— Yogi Bhajan

Thank you for your interest in massage therapy and reiki. Due to injury, these services are not available at this time.

Other therapists and reiki practitioners that I highly recommend:

Lizzie Johnsen: 970.470.1406 friscolizzie@gmail.com

Michelle Foster (massage and reiki): 970.389.3689 mfosterlmt@outlook.com

Streamline your time by choosing the appointment that works best for your schedule without any back and forth. Simply log in to the online scheduling tool and choose from the available appointment times. Manage your time by syncing the appointment directly to your calendar and even get reminder emails so that you never miss your appointment again!

You can also use this link to register for workshops and events offered through Wishing Tree Wellness. 

Please feel free to contact me directly if you do not see a time that works for you.